summer photos

in summer to make your photos apropriate-season-like try to include key factors of that season :
– winter : snow, coats, trees with no leaves, winter stuff…
– spring : flowerd plants, sun, rain, spting stuff…
– summer : sun, sea, pools, bikinis, sun glasses, summer parties, summer stuff…
– autum : fallen leaves from trees, autum stuff…

hope tips help you to make wondrful pics.
Please send me fotos of your creations !!!


Start Planing !!!

School is nearly over and you should start thinking about what you are going to do in summer. Make a mental list of what you are going to do. Try to also imagine immposible scences were something unexpected at the end happens or where you end up dooing things in real life you would never to.

Cover of "The Secret Thoughts (Secret Tho...

Cover via Amazon

But dream! Wonder off into the world or Alice in Wonderland if you need to. imagin secret scense that only you shpoud be able to view.  Thant harms nobody but you – and only if you are not vareful. Your thoughts will always be protected buy thousands of layesr of cells and instincts that have the common sence not to expose them to the sight of other bodies.

So hear it goes: I have been wondering about my summer too and I´ve structures how i want my pathway toy go. When school finishes I´m going out of the country for three weeks. I´m staying at a camp. This is the 5th os 6th time I´m oing there now. Okey, so ther is this boy.  Yes, I´m hopping this next summer to be magical, so what?

DON´T EVER  get disapointed or sad if any of your simple and possible thoughts doesn´t come true because most of the things that we visualize in our lives never como ot to be exactly or even close to what to we expected.

Nothing is probably going to be how I´m planing it to be but stil. The thoughts are deep in me and no one but me can access them.

Think carefully about what i have said. Thake time to process it. Then carefully start planning some bunch of dreems. The more unexpected the better. Remember, thoughts are shelter.


listen to this song. It kind of helps to relax and start driffting into dream worlf of thoughts.

listen to Shelter, by Birdy 

MKV CW GTi Photo Editing Test

MKV CW GTi Photo Editing Test (Photo credit: deansouglass)

Fotos are usually great on their oun but sometimes yo can made them more intresting by editing them.



Edit Flickr photos in seconds with Picnik

Edit Flickr photos in seconds with Picnik (Photo credit: ▓▒░ TORLEY ░▒▓)

Summer is comming !!!

Tillandsia streptophylla, fam. Bromeliaceae. T...

Tillandsia streptophylla, fam. Bromeliaceae. The leaves roll up when summer is comming. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If you are a person that loves to take photos because every time you get the shot you wanted your brain immediately tells you : DAMMM THAT IS A GREAT PIC,  you have found paradise.

Just remember 1 things for me:


Summer is comming and this is probably the best season to take pictures.

Please send me any fotos that you consider amazing. I will realy enjoy looking at them. Thaks

beautiful place to visit


Try to guess where it´s from !!!